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Part 1 using offline Azure resource and Part 1 using online Azure resources gives a walkthrough on setting Sitecore Ordercloud Headstart pre-requisites. While Part 2 helps setup middleware.

Part 3 helps setup Seller UI App

In this blog will setup Buyer UI

Step 1- Setup the Buyer UI project

If you have followed earlier steps to setup Seller UI App you must have already installed node js.

Open the BuyerUI project in Visual Studio Code (prefered) from /src/UI/Buyer folder

Step 2 – Change configuration defaultbuyer-test.json

Navigate to \src\UI\Buyer\src\assets\appConfigs\defaultbuyer-test.json

Update the clientID to your Marketplace Buyer UI client ID

Update baseUrl e.g.:- http://localhost:4300

Update middlewareUrl. If you are in local update this to – https://localhost:5001

Update translateBlobUrl e.g.:-

Step 3 – Change configuration environment.local.ts

Update the useLocalMiddleware to true if this is locally setup

Update localMiddlewareURL to https://localhost:5001

Update localBuyerApiClient, same as in the previous step

Step 4 – Run the Buyer UI application

RUN – from the visual studio terminal or powershell

npm install
np run start

This should compile successfully and ;listen to 4300 port

Headstart Buyer application- http://localhost:4300