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Sitecore CDP – Send Identity Event using direct HTTP request

Last Updated on May 27, 2023 by sandeeppote

An IDENTITY event contains data that enables Sitecore CDP to perform identity resolution. When Sitecore CDP receives an IDENTITY event, it runs a linking algorithm to try to match guest data from separate guest profiles, based on your organization’s identity rules. 

A guest is identified with the browser id. To search the guest Navigate to the Guest list page and search for the guest with the browwser id.

To identify the guest as a Customer provide the payload with the type as IDENTITY and the Customer details, such as their email, firstname, lastname etc.

Sending a request through postman- use below URL-


To know more what should be the API endpoint and api version see this blog

Pre-requisite- The guest has to be created which can be identitfied as browserid

Generate browser id – see how to generate browserid using postman here

URL – contains event to create view event.

To know more about the point of sale and how to create see blog

var browser_id = pm.environment.get("browserId")
var pointOfSale = pm.environment.get("PointOfSale")

var message = {    
    "channel": "WEB",
    "type": "IDENTITY",
    "language": "EN",
    "currency": "GBP",
    "page": "Login",
    "pos": pointOfSale,
    "browser_id": browser_id,
    "title": "Sir",
    "email": "",
    "firstname": "Patoral",
    "lastname": "Grill"

postman.setEnvironmentVariable("message", JSON.stringify(message));

Now search the Guest by browserid and the Gust Type should be Customer as the Guest has been identified.

CURL code snippet-

curl --location -g --request GET '<<client key>>&message={"channel":"WEB","type":"IDENTITY","language":"EN","currency":"GBP","page":"home page","pos":"pastoral-witty-grill","browser_id":"7ed103bd-08c2-47f4-8f69-91141ca3200d","title":"Sir","email":"","firstname":"Pastoral","lastname":"Grill"}'

C# code snippet-

var client = new RestClient("<<code key>>&message={\"channel\":\"WEB\",\"type\":\"IDENTITY\",\"language\":\"EN\",\"currency\":\"GBP\",\"page\":\"home page\",\"pos\":\"pastoral-witty-grill\",\"browser_id\":\"7ed103bd-08c2-47f4-8f69-91141ca3200d\",\"title\":\"Sir\",\"email\":\"\",\"firstname\":\"Pastoral\",\"lastname\":\"Grill\"}");
client.Timeout = -1;
var request = new RestRequest(Method.GET);
IRestResponse response = client.Execute(request);

Python code cnippet-

import http.client

conn = http.client.HTTPSConnection("")
payload = ''
headers = {}
conn.request("GET", "/v1.2/event/create.json?client_key=<<client key>>&message=%7B%22channel%22:%22WEB%22,%22type%22:%22IDENTITY%22,%22language%22:%22EN%22,%22currency%22:%22GBP%22,%22page%22:%22home%20page%22,%22pos%22:%22pastoral-witty-grill%22,%22browser_id%22:%227ed103bd-08c2-47f4-8f69-91141ca3200d%22,%22title%22:%22Sir%22,,%22firstname%22:%22Pastoral%22,%22lastname%22:%22Grill%22%7D", payload, headers)
res = conn.getresponse()
data =



Setting up a Sitecore JSS development environment with the Containers template for Next.js

Last Updated on May 9, 2023 by sandeeppote

Follow steps in this link —–setting-up-a-development-environment-with-the-sitecore-containers-template-for-next-js.html

Following are thre pre-requisite for setting on your local machine-

Apart from this also install Sitecore JSS CLI-

npm install -g @sitecore-jss/sitecore-jss-cli

Install the template

dotnet new -i Sitecore.DevEx.Templates --nuget-source

dotnet new sitecore.nextjs.gettingstarted -n samplejss

Should first Restores dotnet local tools for the solution and Initializes the JSS project

What is your Sitecore hostname (used if deployed to Sitecore)? ( << leave blank or provide the host name>>

How would you like to fetch Layout and Dictionary data? 

How would you like to prerender your application?

Which additional language do you want to support (en is already included and required)? << leave blank or type the language you want. should select da-DK by default and additional language>>

JSS application is now ready and updated for continerized environment.

Navigate to project folder and initialize the environment.

.\init.ps1 -InitEnv -LicenseXmlPath "<C:\path\to\license.xml>" -AdminPassword "<desired password>"
setx NODE_EXTRA_CA_CERTS C:\Users\sandeep\AppData\Local\mkcert\rootCA.pem

Execute up.ps1 to create containers-



CM is not coming up-

Checked the docker logs, and found this error-

The path is not set correctly. Need to escape the characters-


Change – entrypoint: powershell.exe -Command “& C:\tools\entrypoints\iis\Development.ps1” to entrypoint: powershell.exe -Command “& C:\\tools\\entrypoints\\iis\\Development.ps1” in docker-compose.override.yml file for xm1, xp0 and xp1

Take down all the containers and build again.

Now this should look fine-

Enter CM admin credentials and allow the access-

CM and App should load –

As of writing this post, this setup installed Sitecore 10.3.