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Sitecore- Synchronise existing item after setting as bucketable

Existing Items set as bucketable aren’t hidden and still shows in item bucket, then you might have forgotten to sync the item bucket.

To sync item bucket do the following-

  1. Select the folder or a item bucket that is a bucket. Link here in how its done
  2. In the Content Editor, on the Configure tab in the Buckets group click Sync.
  3. It should show the progress bar on the items been synced.

Depending on number of items in item bucket the items should have synced and hidden.

Items those are marked bucketable should be hidden and those not should still show as a child of item bucket.


How to know which container’s are item bucket in Sitecore

Items buckets are used in Sitecore to store millions of content items in one container but also to not load all those items in a content tree instead can be searched within the container. The items in bucket container are hidden and the parent-child relationship is lost once bucketed.

There is a lost to tell and discuss about bucket in Sitecore but to enable the content editor to know which container are item bucket can and Item bucket icon can be enabled in the Quick Action Bar to the left of the content tree in Content Editor.

To do this –

Right click on Quick Action Bar and select option Item Buckets


This should show a icon on Quick Action Bar for a bucketed item, in this case Airlines item is a buckatable item.



Hope this helps.

Sitecore- How to make an item bucket

When a item sites under a item Bucket the item should be made bucketable.

To make an item bucket see this link

Item can be made bucketable by two ways-

  1. Make the individual item bucketable
  2. Make the template of the item standard value that is based on bucketable.

Make the individual item bucketable

  1. Select the content item that needs to be made bucketable
  2. In the right hand side click the Content tab and see the Item Buckets Section.
  3. Select the Bucketable checkbox.
  4. Save changes.


If the Item Buckets section is not visible, on the View tab, in the View group, select the Standard Fields checkbox.

Make the template of the item standard value that is based on bucketable

  1. Select the item template that needs to be made bucketable
  2. Expand the template and select _Standard Values item.
  3. In the right hand pane, click the content tab
  4. See the Item Buckets section
  5. Select the Bucketable checkbox.
  6. Save changes.


Items of the selected template should be now bucketable.

Wondering why the existing items are still visible even after making the item bucketable and not hidden. See this post.

Sitecore – How to create item bucket

Item bucket it useful to store and manage large amount of content items without loading in Content tree. Item bucket can be created for a new content item or convert an existing item structure into an item bucket.

To create an item bucket-

  1. In Content Editor, in the content tree create a folder and give a suitable name
  2. Select the content item and then on Home tab, click Edit to lock the item
  3. Click the Configure tab and then in the BucketsĀ group, click Bucket to convert the new item into an item bucket.


When a content item is an item bucket, a new search tab appears in the right-hand pane. Use this to search the item(hidden) in the item bucket. Also an icon in the Quick Action Bar is displayed for the item bucketed.

How to enable item bucket in quick action bar


Also the item bucketed in the Item Buckets section Is Bucket field is checked




Sitecore Bucket- How to View hidden items

Sitecore buckets are useful to store and manage millions of items with in Content tree, retrieving them and working with them in a speedy and efficient manner.

Items within the bucketed item are hidden and searched to view or edit using Sitecore search engine.


Even when the bucketable items are hidden in the item bucket you have option to view the items by selecting the BucketĀ checkbox in Content Editor, on the View tab, in the View Group

All items hidden in bucketed item-


However it is recommended to clear the BucketsĀ checkbox when working with buckets. This will prevent the system from loading unnecessarily all items in the content tree. Search tab can be used to find and work with the hidden content items.