Sitecore – How to create item bucket

Item bucket it useful to store and manage large amount of content items without loading in Content tree. Item bucket can be created for a new content item or convert an existing item structure into an item bucket.

To create an item bucket-

  1. In Content Editor, in the content tree create a folder and give a suitable name
  2. Select the content item and then on Home tab, click Edit to lock the item
  3. Click the Configure tab and then in the Buckets group, click Bucket to convert the new item into an item bucket.


When a content item is an item bucket, a new search tab appears in the right-hand pane. Use this to search the item(hidden) in the item bucket. Also an icon in the Quick Action Bar is displayed for the item bucketed.

How to enable item bucket in quick action bar


Also the item bucketed in the Item Buckets section Is Bucket field is checked




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