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Follow below steps to configure Sitecore Ordercloud Headstart middleware without having to provision Azure online resources. i.e. setup offline Azure resources

Online vs Local Azure resources-

Azure Online ResourcesAzure Offline Resources
Azure App Configurationuse appSettings.json
Storage AccountAzurite Emulator and Azure Storage Explorer
Azure Cosmos DatabaseAzure Cosmos DB Emulator

Step 1 – Install and Run Azurite Emulator

Install Azurite- Pre-requisite is to install node js

npm install -g azurite

Run Azurite- Navigate to the folder where the supporting files should be deployed e.g.: c:\Azurite

azurite start

OR - if you want specfic folder and in debug mode 

azurite --silent --location c:\azurite --debug c:\azurite\debug.log

Blob service should listen to

Step 2 – Install Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer

Install Azure storage explorer. Download from here

Step 3 – Configure Blob Containers

Connect to Local Azure Storage

Click on the connect to open the connection dialog box

Select the Local storage emulator

Fill in the required details

Display name

Account name – this wil be used to connect to the blob storage

Blobs port- port used to connect to the vlob storage

Queues and Tables port- port used to connect queues and tables respectively

These are the connection information (you might have to note this)-

Local account is created-

Storage Explorer is now able to conect to Local Storage Emulator i.e. Azurite

Create a Blob Container – ngx-translate and create new Virtual Directory i18n

Blob Container and folder name can be any other name. You need to configure this correctly in UI config. See this in later steps

Upload the translation file

Ideally Container, Virtual Directory and trnslation file should be created by Headstart Api. I couldn’t make it work. Hence alternative this I have attached en.json file here.

Once uploaded you should be able to see the uploaded file-

Set Public Access Level to Blob Container

Select the Public read access for containers and blobs

Configure CORS settings

CORS settings are required for accessing the en.json file to access from the local blob storage

Click “Add” to add new CORS Settings-

Following values in –

Allowed Headers – x-ms-meta-data,x-ms-meta-target,x-ms-meta-abc

Exposed Headers – x-ms-meta-*

Check for all the steps performed above the operations in Blob Storage Explorer is successful.

Reference for CORS Rule-–cors–support-for-the-azure-storage-services

Now try to access the translator file from local blob storage on –