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Sitecore CDP – Abandon cart with force close event

You can force close event to test Abandon Cart. This works only in non-prod environments.

Assumption- An identified guest which is active and has added products in cart.

If you are corectly tracking you should see in the timeline Session and event a Product been added.

So whilst developing if you want to force close this session, since you might not want to wait for 20 minutes for session to expire or whatever time is set to expire the session, you can force close the session to see or perform the next steps if the cart is been abandoned.

The force close event can be triggered by providing message type as FORCE_CLOSE in the payload.

Send the payload to this endpoint. For more details on what should be the apiEndpoint and client key see this blog


var browser_id = pm.environment.get("browserId") -- browser id
var pointOfSale = pm.environment.get("PointOfSale") -- point of sale

var message = {    
    "channel": "WEB",
    "type": "FORCE_CLOSE",
    "language": "EN",
    "currency": "GBP",
    "page": "home page",
    "pos": pointOfSale,
    "browser_id": browser_id

postman.setEnvironmentVariable("message", JSON.stringify(message));

Since the session is now closed we can see the Abandoned Revenue. Further reminder mails can be sent to user to complete the purchase on the abandoned cart.

Hope this helps.


Sitecore CDP- Sending View Event using direct HTTP requests

The VIEW event captures the guest’s action of viewing a page. To track guest behavior use VIEW event on all pages.

Sending a request through postman- use below URL-


To know more what should be the API endpoint and api version see this blog

Generate browser id – see how to generate browserid using postman here

URL – contains event to create view event.


var browser_id = pm.environment.get("browserId")
var pointOfSale = pm.environment.get("PointOfSale")

var message = {    
    "channel": "WEB",
    "type": "VIEW",
    "language": "EN",
    "currency": "GBP",
    "page": "home page",
    "pos": pointOfSale,
    "browser_id": browser_id

postman.setEnvironmentVariable("message", JSON.stringify(message));

Check the view event in Sitecore CDP portal-

Search the Broswer Id in guests page-

Select the Anonymous Visitor.

Select the Timeline tab

Select the orange color settings icon to check the view event details which is only displayed in debug mode-

See the detials the message that was sent as part of request-

CURL command for same –

curl --location -g --request GET 'https://api-engage-eu.sitecorecloud.io/v1.2/event/create.json?client_key=<<enter client key>>&message={"channel":"WEB","type":"VIEW","language":"EN","currency":"GBP","page":"home page","pos":"pastoral-witty-grill","browser_id":"<<enter browser id>>"}'

C# code-

var client = new RestClient("https://api-engage-eu.sitecorecloud.io/v1.2/event/create.json?client_key=<<enter client key>>&message={\"channel\":\"WEB\",\"type\":\"VIEW\",\"language\":\"EN\",\"currency\":\"GBP\",\"page\":\"home page\",\"pos\":\"pastoral-witty-grill\",\"browser_id\":\"<<enter browser id>>\"}");
client.Timeout = -1;
var request = new RestRequest(Method.GET);
IRestResponse response = client.Execute(request);

Python- http client code snippet-

import http.client

conn = http.client.HTTPSConnection("api-engage-eu.sitecorecloud.io")
payload = ''
headers = {}
conn.request("GET", "/v1.2/event/create.json?client_key=<<enter client key>>&message=%7B%22channel%22:%22WEB%22,%22type%22:%22VIEW%22,%22language%22:%22EN%22,%22currency%22:%22GBP%22,%22page%22:%22home%20page%22,%22pos%22:%22pastoral-witty-grill%22,%22browser_id%22:%22<<enter browser id>>%22%7D", payload, headers)
res = conn.getresponse()
data = res.read()




Sitecore CDP and Personalize FAQs

February 2023 Update – Sitecore has released new api endpoint per region which routes through a CDN closer to end users call along with new Javascript library. See the new documentation here – Sitecore CDP developer documentation

How to get the Client Key and API Token?

Get the client key from the Sandbox/CDP & Personalise portal.

Login to portal – https://app.boxever.com/#/

Top right click the settings icon. Select API Access option

Get teh client key from this page-

How to create and get the point of sale?

Login to portal – https://app.boxever.com/#/

Top right click the settings icon. Select API Access option

Search or Create a point of sale-

Enter Name and other required details. Timeout is the session timeout.

How to debug?

Navigate to the Features options

Enable the Debug option

Orange settings icon will appear where the debug is possible-

How to get the base URL for Sitecore CDP Rest API?

Old Endpoints

RegionAPI endpoint
Asia Pacificapi-ap-southeast-2-production.boxever.com
United Statesapi-us.boxever.com

New Endpoints from February 2023 *

AP Regionhttps://api-engage-ap.sitecorecloud.io​
EU Regionhttps://api-engage-eu.sitecorecloud.io
US Regionhttps://api-engage-us.sitecorecloud.io

* Endpoints can change see Sitecore documentation for the up-to-date URL’s

See the updated URL’s here-


What is the Web Flow target URL?

Web Flow target URL is used for Web Experiements and Experiences.

From the documentation following is the URL, but this can change. See the link for up-to-date URL-

ScenarioWeb flow target
Your organization uses Sitecore Personalize.https://d35vb5cccm4xzp.cloudfront.net
Your organization does not use Sitecore Personalize.An empty string ""


What is the latest version of Javascript Library?

Boxever JavaScript Library (legacy)


See the release notes for the latest version. Point of writing this blog the version is 1.4.9. This can change. See the link to get the latest version.


How to get Fullstack Experience friendly id?

Navigate to Experience => Full Stack option. Search and open the exprience

Goto details tab to get the friendly id-

What if the size of the compressed batch file exceeds the max limit i.e. 50MB?

Recompress the files into two or more compressed batch files that do not exceed the 50MB size limit. Then upload the compressed files as separate batches.

Reference –

Size limit for uploading batch files

Why I recieve HTTP 400 response when uploading the batch file?

If the size of the import does not match the one specified in the size field in the request, the service returns a HTTP 400 response.

Reference –

Frequent errors you might encounter during the batch file upload process

Why I recieve HTTP 409 response when uploading the batch file?

If the base64 checksum attribute in header does not match the hex-encoded MD5 Checksum generated by uploading the compressed file you will receive 409 response.

Reference –

Frequent errors you might encounter during the batch file upload process

How to delete a guest profile without using Batch API?

Make a DELETE request to the following endpoint- https://api.boxever.com/v2/guests/{GUESTREF}

It may take upto 24 hours for the Guest to be removed

What access do you need to setup the Point of sale for Sitecore CDP and Personalize?

Enterprise User Manager or Enterprise Admin role 

How to generate the browser id using postman?

To generate browserid send a request to this endpoint –


See above the apiendpoint and apiversion to use.

Send request with the clientkey in query parameters.

The “ref” in response is the browser id