This year it was a quite roler coaster working with Sitecore products not just limited to Sietcore XP but also Order Cloud, Sitecore Send and Sitecore CDP with various other technology associated.

Here are the contributions in the form of blogs, videos and helping community on Slack and learning a lot from community.


Jan 2023-

Install Sitecore Commerce 10.3 using SIF

Step by step guide to install Sitecore XP 10.3 using SIF

Feb 2023

Sitecore CDP and Personalize FAQs

Setup Sitecore Headless SXA with Next js

March 2023-

Setup Sitecore OrderCloud headstart the docker way

OrderCloud Headstart Docker Setup – Install and Setup Account in Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer

OrderCloud Headstart Docker Setup Error – uncompatible node version

April 2023-

Sitecore CDP- Sending View Event using direct HTTP requests

Setup Sitecore OrderCloud headstart with Angular in Ubuntu system the docker way

May 2023

Sitecore CDP – Send Identity Event using direct HTTP request

Setting up a Sitecore JSS development environment with the Containers template for Next.js

June 2023-

Sicore CDP – Send Add Event using direct HTTP request

July 2023

Send Abandoned Cart email using Sitecore Send Automation

Enable website tracking service using Sitecore Send

August 2023-

Sitecore CDP – Upload guest data

September 2023-

Sitecore Send Series

Gracefully handle user subscription using Sitecore Send

Sitecore CDP – Abandon cart with force close event

October 2023-

Sitecore CDP – Send Checkout Event

Sitecore CDP – Send Confirm Event

Sitecore CDP Intergration Series

November 2023-

Sitecore Send Custom Automation – Email when user subscribes to specific mailing list

Siecore Send – Setup re-direction to a custom webpage after unsubscription


Slack Contributions