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Automation with Sitecore XM Cloud Webhooks and Zapier

With Zapier you can inspect and create customised workflow in munites without wirting any code. Its a good way to automate any actions required once the webhooks in Sitecore are triggered.

In this blog post will quickly create a workflow in Zapier to send mail when a webhook event is trigerred.

Will take a scenario when a Home page is updated, so that the concern team knows about this change.

This is not a fully customised solution but you can extend this as per your requirements.

Create a Zapier account

Create a Zapier account if you don’t have already. There is free subscription available to try out.

Login to Zapier and create a new Zap

Configure a trigger- Select Webhook by Zappier

When a new zap is created select a Catch Hook event in App & Event section

In the test section it should provide the URL its listening to execute any autmation if applicable.

Test the trigger by copying the s URL and setup the same in your Webhokk Handler in Sitecore XM CLoud or local instance. See this blog post on how to create a webhook handler.

Update content in Home page and Save. This should triggere the webhook and call the Zapier endpoint configured in handler.

Test trigger and should see the request available to this endpoint-

Continue with Selected Record if you are happy with the request-

Apply Filter

We want to send mail only when Home page is changed, so lets apply filter

Configure the filter

Add the condition

Further action will be taken only if Item name is Home. This just an example you can select the list of action available.

Continue and select next action and in this case I selected to send a mail to Gmail

Select the event “Send Mail”

Setup your account.

Setup the action to whom the mail should be sent and other information required for the mail

Continue and Test the Step

Now you should have the Zap configured-

Publish the Zap

Change the name of the Zap and should be available in Dashboard-

Change a home page content in Sitecore XM Cloud-

In the Zap runs you should be able to see a mail is triggered-

Thats it. This took me few minutes to configure and test the mail for a simple sceanrio.

Zapier gives you full flexibility to configure the triggers without writing any code based on the conditions to tak action when a Webhook event is triggered in Sitecore XM Cloud.

Hope this helps.


Sitecore Send Custom Automation – Email when user subscribes to specific mailing list

If you want to send welcome email to the user subscribed to the specific mailing list in this example to a Newsletter, you can do so using Sitecore Send Automation.

In this case there is no OOTB automation available. Will crate a custom automation instead

To see how to setup a Subscribe abd Unsubscribe using javascript see this blog

Setting up Custom Autmation to Thanks user for subscribing to the Newsletter

Navigate to Automation and New –> Custom automation

Setting up Automation for welcome email-

This is avaiable in automation recipe-

Navigate to Automation and New –> From recipe

Update title and description of automation-

Select the trigger-

Choose the List Engagement option – When someone subscribes to a specific list

In this case I am choosing the Newsletter Email List- created in my other blog

This should update the automation-

Next add the condition or control step

For this example will choose – Wait a specific time interval-

So after the user subscribes to Newsletter the wokflow will wait for 1 minute to perform further action.

Select Send mail campaign action-

Fill in the appropriate fields and create action-

Automation Worflow should look like this-

Imp- do not forget to activate the automation workflow.

On subscribing to newsletter-

You should be able to see the user added to the Newsletter mailing list-

After a minute you should be able to see custom automation is triggered-

Result- Email been sent after subscription-

You can also choose the exisitng recipe but this has the trigger to send mail if the user subscribes to any list.

Choose Welcome email sequence option-

This should ne now available in Automation Workflows in an Incomplet state-

Should show up with the option to setup the Automation Workflow-

Might see mulitple such steps- update as per your requirements

Click on the Trigger – When someone subscribes to any list as highlighted


Send Abandoned Cart email using Sitecore Send Automation

Sitecore Send lets you automate your communication with customers by identifying specific situations that trigger the sending of an email message

In this blog lets create automated mails using automation recipes.

For more details see this link.


Ensure the website is configured and verified before using the automation. See this blog. For this blog post I am using – https://moosend.vercel.app/

Create automation using Abandoned Cart automation recipe

Navigate to Automation link and create new automation using recipe-

Select Abandoned cart recipes-

Will be shown the Abandoned Cart Workflow-

Choose Trigger option-

Select- Trigger every time option

Select your website from dropdown and Save. Only verified website will be visible here. You may also choose all sites.

Open wait operation-

For testing I have selected 5 minutes. Ideally this can be few hours/days as per the requirement or enter specific date. By default it is 45 minutes. Enter the wait time and Save.

Setup the filter

Select apply this filter to mailing list. I have selected the email list of the site, you may select different list.

Enter the product if you wish to or leave empty.

Click on “Add a collection”.

Select the time if the product is not purchased for certain time. I have entered 6 minutes. Enter the details and Save.

Select “Added a Product To Cart” and filter value. In this I have added product “Americano”.

Select timer and enter the wait time to 6 minutes and Save

Select the action

In this case Send the mail to user if the product is not purchased in selected time.

Select Send Mail campaign-

Enter the subject, From address, mail body. Select Emails per day. Save once this option is filled.

Activate the “Abandoned Cart” automation-

Automation List with activated

Once the automation configuration is complete will now add product to cart. the product name here is “Americano” as selected in filter.

In the installation script you can find the details on how to add the product to cart.

function addToCart(){
                // mandatory - a unique code for the product, like its SKU
                    var itemCode = 'Americano';
                    // mandatory - the name / title of this product
                    var itemName = 'Iced Americano';
                    // mandatory - the image url of this product
                    var itemImage = 'http://your.store/product-color-blue.jpg';
                    // mandatory - the price of this product
                    var itemPrice = 10.25;
                    // mandatory - the url to get to the relevant product page
                    var itemUrl = 'http://your.store/product-101';
                    // mandatory
                    var itemQuantity = 1;
                    // mandatory - the total price for purchasing the given quantity of this product
                    var itemTotalPrice = 10.25;
                    // optional - the category of this product
                    var itemCategory = 'Drinks';
                    // optional - the manufacturer, brand name or company / owner of this product (if any)
                    var itemManufacturer = 'Acme Co';
                    // optional - the supplier of this product (if any)
                    var itemSupplier = 'Supplier Co';

                    // you can add custom properies and later use them in segmentations or automations
                    // You can track things like the color or the sze of the t-shirt in this case
                    var extraProps = {'flavor': 'Chocolate', 'type': 'Iced'};

                    // Tracking add to cart events with mandatory arguments
                    mootrack('trackAddToOrder', itemCode, itemPrice, itemUrl, itemQuantity, itemTotalPrice);

                alert("Added to cart event fired");

Hook the Add to cart to button-

<button class="button" onclick="addToCart()">Add to cart</button>

The site looks like this with the “Add To Cart” button

Website confirm the event was triggered.

In the automation list you can see the automation been Triggerd-

Once this is triggered you can see the next operation Wait for 5 minutes-

A mail should be triggerd after 6 minutes. Since the product is still in cart and not purchased.

After 5 minutes all the actions should be triggered.

Once all the actions are triggered should receive the mail-

Thats it for this blog. We have managed to trigger a automation event and send themail to the users who have product in the cart and not purchased e.e. Abandoned Cart.